Illustrator - Designer - Teacher

Just like any other artist, I was always drawing or creating something as a child.
I was lucky enough to have parents who were great cheerleaders and supported my artist spirit, making me who I am today.

Thanks Mom and Dad!

Here are some things about me...

* If you haven’t guessed it, I love art.
* I also love to fix things.
* Baking relaxes me.
* If I can make one person laugh, I consider it a good day.
* I have a golf obsessed husband that I absolutely adore.
* I have two beautiful, amazing girls, who inspire me every day.
* I have allergies, especially to everything outside.
* I like to garden - which having the above makes a little difficult.
* I love to draw and paint.
* I love to draw and paint flowers because they make me happy.
* Many of my collections focus on nature.
* I love to draw and paint other things because I can - and that makes me happy too!
* I paint what I’m passionate about at the time. Coffee, wine and cocktail collections are no exception, after all I am a wife and mother of two!
* My mediums include watercolor, colored pencil, marker, and gouache.
* I have really amazing, supportive friends. How lucky am I?
* I love to learn.
* I earned my BFA in Illustration from the University of Hartford Art School in 1990.
* I originally began my career as an Illustrator and Animator for an educational software company.
* I was a founding member of a company called Funnybone Interactive where I designed, illustrated, animated, and produced award-winning educational software products for children. We started with 6 people, and grew to over 100. This company soon became a division with Vivendi-Universal Games.
* As an Executive Producer and Art Director at Funnybone I worked with clients including Mattel, Warner Bros., Fisher-Price, Knowledge Adventure, and Simon & Schuster.
* I love a challenge.
* In 2000 I decided to stay home after the birth of my oldest and go freelance.
* My nickname as a child was Bink.
If you check out my Etsy shop that's where Binks Studio comes from.
* I’ve created logos, designed websites, drawn illustrations, built newsletters, and consulted in marketing as well.
* In 2009 I started teaching art classes. I started a program for kids called Art Explorers and have loved it since the start. I’m proud of the classes I teach and even prouder of my students.
* I entered the Art Licensing world in 2012 and have found my new passion.
* Do what you love, love what you do, definitely applies to me.